Spencer Bryngelson

Assistant Professor
College of Computing
Georgia Tech


  • Co-PI: XSEDE Allocation CTS120005, 9M CPU Hours ($135K dollar valuation)
  • ONR MURI N0014-17-1-2676 (with Tim Colonius): High-Fidelity Simulation Methodologies for Multi-Phase Flows
  • ONR BRC N0014-17-1-2625 (with Tim Colonius): Experimental-numerical Approach for the Development of a Multiscale Theory for Cavitation in Soft Complex Materials
  • NIH 2P01-DK04881 (with Tim Colonius)
  • DOE PSAAP II DE-NA0002374 (with Jonathan Freund, Carlos Pantano, Daniel Bodony)
  • NSF CBET 13-36972 (with Jonathan Freund): Order and chaos in the flow of red blood cells


  • Stanley Weiss Outstanding Dissertation Award, University of Illinois (2017)
  • Hassan Aref Memorial Award for Research in Fluid Mechanics, University of Illinois (2016)
  • Alumni Teaching Fellowship, University of Illinois (2015)
  • Dean's List, University of Michigan (2010–2013)
  • Pi Tau Sigma–Mechanical Engineering Honor Society, Member

Students and mentoring

  • Jean-Sebastien Spratt, Caltech (Ph.D., exp. 2022)
  • Alexis Charalampopoulos, MIT (Ph.D., exp. 2022)
  • Ben Stevens, Caltech (Ph.D., exp. 2021)
  • Esteban Cisneros, University of Illinois (Ph.D., exp. 2021)
  • Dr. David Mittelstein, USC/Caltech (Ph.D., 2020)
  • Dr. Theresa Trummler, TU Munich (Ph.D., 2020)
  • Franz O'Meally, Johns Hopkins (B.S., 2020)