We are looking for new graduate students to join the team!


Spencer Bryngelson

Assistant Professor
College of Computing
Georgia Tech


Carolyn Young
Group administrator

Della Phinisee
Grants manager

Current members

Anand Radhakrishnan
PhD student

Scott Sims
MS student

Sriharsha Kocherla
UG student

Girish Ganesan
XSEDE Empower student

Qi Zeng
UG student (with F. Schaefer)

This could be you!
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Non-GT affiliates

Jean-Sebastien Spratt
Caltech PhD student
with T. Colonius (primary)

Jose Rodolfo Chreim
Caltech PhD student
with T. Colonius (primary)

Alexis Charalampopoulos
MIT PhD student
with T. Sapsis (primary)


  • Ben Stevens, Caltech, Ph.D. (2021)

  • David Mittelstein, Caltech, Ph.D. (2020)

  • Theresa Trummler, TU Munich, Ph.D. (2020)

  • Franz O’Meally, Johns Hopkins, B.S. (2020)

  • Qifan Wang, Caltech, B.S. (2020)